Congratulations to R.W. Tomlinson Limited’s Grading and Paving Crew, winners of the May Safety Award. 

In May, the crew observed a man, who appeared to be intoxicated, near their site. He was acting dangerously by throwing construction barrels at a bus, grabbing the arm of a woman biking nearby, standing in the road blocking traffic, climbing into a R.W. Tomlinson backhoe and throwing bricks.

Working together, the crew kept the public calm and safe and called the police for assistance. They moved the man away from the job site to maintain a safe work environment and mitigate the chance of injury and damage to property until police arrived.

We would like to congratulate, Trevor Shaver, Stephane Bisson, Chantal Deschamps , Sebastien Boivin and Alexandre Cright for taking charge of the situation and commend them for working together to ensure the safety of the public, fellow workers and the job site. Congratulations!