Each month, NCHCA presents a safety award to an individual who demonstrates awareness of safety issues and acts proactively to prevent injury or damage to property.

The June Safety Award recognizes Patrick Labelle of R.W. Tomlinson Ltd., for his actions at an accident between a motorcycle and an automobile 43 near Avonmore, Ontario.

On June 29, 2018, Patrick came upon the accident and stopped to assist the injured motorcyclist. A nurse and paramedic also stopped to assist. Patrick asked the driver if he was ok, and provided a pillow and his first aid kit to the nurse. As his kit did not have a splint, Patrick found two rulers which were used to splint a broken finger. Patrick set out his pylons to ensure that the scene would be visible and safer for traffic, and used his spill kit to contain a gas spill from the motorcycle. Patrick’s proactive approach provided resources to assist the motorcyclist and ensured a safer accident scene. Congratulations Patrick!