Congratulations to the Direct Bore Inc. crew, winners of NCHCA’s October Safety Award.We would like to acknowledge Garrett Darbon, Christian Cantin and Mahmoud Mejbel of Direct Bore for taking the time to educate and engage the public about the construction industry and site safety.

The crew met Zack, a young teen who lives near a Direct Bore site. When they first arrived in Zack’s community, the crew noticed that Zack was hesitant and nervous about the noise. In an effort to help Zack feel more comfortable, the crew members took the time to stop to talk to him and explain the equipment and details of the project.

Despite the noise, Zack soon became very interested in the work and would venture to the jobsite each day to watch, often with a shovel in hand ready and willing to work. Having previously insisted on ear muffs for noise protection, Zack  is now comfortable wearing earplugs and enjoys watching the crew at work.

Thank you to the Direct Bore Inc. crew for their kindness and willingness to educate and engage the public about the construction industry. The crew credits Zack for motivating them and has rewarded him with a hardhat, a tour of their office and would like to make him their honorary Safety Award Winner for October. Congratulations!