Excess Soil Management Committee

About the Committee

The Excess Soil Management Committee is a valuable resource for NCHCA members. Committee members are individuals with an interest and strong knowledge of this field. They share information, resources, knowledge and experience while making recommendations to our Board and providing regular updates and valuable information to our members through the NCHCA Newsletter and topic specific bulletins.

Questions? Please contact Sandro Ricci, Chair of the Excess Soil Management Committee (sricci@aslcontractors.com) or Kathryn Sutherland (ksutherland@nchca.ca).

Soil Management Information

MECP Presentation- Implementation Pause of January 1, 2022

January 2022 – Proposed Changes to Legislation 244/97
Ministry of Northern Development Letter


November 2021 – Get Ready for What’s Coming: Excess Soil Management in 2022
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Committee Bulletins